OpenSPIFe Fork

The Scheduling and Planning Interface for Exploration (SPIFe) is an integrated planning and scheduling toolkit based on hundreds of hours of expert observation, use, and refinement of state-of-the-art planning and scheduling technology for several applications within NASA.

Kodiak Fork

Library for rigurous verification of non-linear arithmetic is now posted on NASA GitHub.

WellClear Fork

Well-Clear Boundary Models for Integration of UAS in the NAS are now Open Sourced on GitHub.

NASA Technology Transfer Program 2014 Software Catalog

The NASA Technology Transfer Program’s 2014 Software Catalog is now available.   The technologies featured in this catalog represent NASA’s best solutions to a wide array of complex problems, and they are on offer here to the public for use. They cover project management systems, design tools, data handling, and image processing, as well as […]

Tool for Analysis of Surface Cracks (TASC)

Tool for Analysis of Surface Cracks (TASC) is a computer program created in MATLAB to enable easy computation of nonlinear J-integral solutions for surface cracked plates in tension by accessing and interpolating between the 600 nonlinear surface crack solutions documented in NASA/TP–2011-217480. The only required inputs are the surface crack dimensions (2c and a), plate […]

Data Quality Screening Service

The Data Quality Screening Service (DQSS) is designed to help automate the filtering of remote sensing data on behalf of science users. Whereas this process today involves much research through quality documents, followed by laborious coding, the DQSS can act as a Web Service to provide data users with data pre-filtered to their particular criteria, […]

Mission Control Technologies

Mission Control Technologies (MCT) is a real-time monitoring and visualization platform, developed at Ames Research Center in collaboration with customers at JSC. The platform is based on composable and reusable user objects that bring information from many sources to users through one consistent, intuitive interface. Developed for use in spaceflight mission operations, MCT is equally […]

CertWare Safety Case Workbench

A 2007 study by the National Academy of Sciences provides strong motivation to explore the use of dependability cases as a means to address verification, and ultimately, certification, of highly complex systems. Kestrel Technology, LLC, is developing a prototype extensible workbench to develop, maintain, and analyze safety cases – a specialized form of dependability cases. […]

Apache OODT

Apache OODT is NASA’s first project to be stewarded at the open source Apache Software Foundation. OODT is middleware for information integration and for science data processing and retrieval. It provides components including file management, workflow management, resource management, and automated remote data acquisition, file crawling and ingestion, and science algorithm wrapping and integration. Project […]

Earth Science Datacasting

Datacasting is a RSS publish-subscribe method for delivering Earth Science data. A Feed Reader provides feed filtering, data download, and the ability to mash-up data with information related to geophysical events.